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experimental music video with deep fake tecnology

Society is divided and in constant turmoil nowadays, and people are being incessantly harassed by fake news, which makes us confused about what is true and what isn’t, going so far as to discredit our democratic system and electing politicians who incite hate and prejudice.
Two years after the election of far-right Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro, who benefited immensely from those fake news, singer-songwriter Lafetah and director Isadora Canela created the music video for Leviatã. Set in a not so distant future, the Defendant, whose face shape shifts by usage of deep fake technology, is being judged by the Leviathan, the doomsday’s referee. Accompanied by the four horsemen in wheeling motorbikes, he presents the evidence against the culprit while he sings about the deep division that engulfed Brazil’s past years, later the rapper Vinijoe, who was watching the trial's broadcaster from his home in Belo Horizonte largest favela, joins the TV world to vent about the harsh conditions of his reality as a young black man in Brazil.

English and portuguese subtitles available on youtube

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