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duo sculpture
concrete on photographic paper on construction waste

Life is capable of breaking through concrete, it shouldn't have to, but it does. 
These works speak of the poetic victory of green over grey. And invite: in a world of concrete, the most polluting material in the world and with all its symbolism of rigidity and immutability, disobey, be a seed.  


Random notes in my journals.
In the concrete world, far from home, I walk around without knowing the path. I don't see the buildings or the wierd names of the strees, but I see the roots. The trees are all over. With a big trunk and tiny space on the ground. Very often they break the concrete. They do it because they can. Oppression is resilient but life is much more. This is a hopeful thought but at the same time too romantic. We shouldn't have to be resilient. I don't wanna have to be resilient. 

I woke up today worried about the damage that the rain may caused on the construction of my house, in the middle of the mess I found a forest of beans and inside of a whole in the bricks a new bird nest. What is damage? 
I talked to a friend about his little daughter, he was worried about the impacts of adults turmoil on her. I brought him this little bean growing inside the brick. Trust in life.

note to the creative exciting me: don't go out to catch waste in a raining day wearing withe. 

Nothing is concrete. Concrete is a mined material that causes a lot of damage to the environmental. 

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