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potography of sculpture with internet wires

 50cm x 35xm

The contemporary society is inserted in a paradoxical connection, which was intensified thanks to the acceleration of the cyber world, as result of the pandemic.

On one hand, there is a world united by a virtual site, where screens can bring people closer. Families can get in touch with each other at anytime. The internet kept people’s jobs even when social distancing was necessary.

It is shaping itself as a new divine, omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent entity. Was this immense data organism created based on the image of human nature?


On the other hand, Internet is disconnecting us from the living world. While the social life happens though a screen, an off-screen world suffocates and the cry for help is silenced by bluetooth headphones. We feel so protected on top of our swivel chairs that we can’t barely see the planet falling apart.


The climate changes are proof that human’s absence from the “real” world is a failed society. According to the Brazilian indigenous thinker Ailton Krenak "when we depersonalize the rivers, the mountains, we take its senses away.  When we consider it an exclusive human attribute, we let these places become residues of industrial and extractive activities". 

Is this behavior the true self of the human existence? 

From each wire created, it means less stems. Invisible as it is sold, the internet hides itself in the holes of cities, it survives from its underground roots, filled with data but lifeless. The expression “still life” has never been so literal.

Exhibited by Pepney online Gallery at
Secret and Garden 
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The exhibition

The relationships of artists and their gardens are investigated in this special online virtual exhibition at Pepney Gallery.  The emotional attachment of the artist to the garden, through themes such as children’s art, seclusion, spirituality and sexuality. It explores not only innocent pleasures but also the more painful thoughts and memories that gardens can evoke.


Gardens have inspired artists in many ways, not least directly in the case of those who painted, photographed or administered some other creative expression of their own plots.  The history of gardens being the main focal point of subject matter in art is a well know concept.

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