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Playable sculpture  

35cm x 7x 25cm

Wood, guitar strings, nails, key, leaves

special thanks to Bucky and Helge 

"I keep in my drawers the love letters I never sent, a scented lipstick from my mother, a broken watch, my father's embrace, the generational traumas and cries for help I silenced. I keep the songs I never made, the landscapes I never visited. I keep the knowledge that died along with my great-grandmother, the trust that rape took from me.
There must exist, there has to exist, a collective drawer where the knowledge of the land, the healers' recipes, the knowledge of the moon have gone. Maybe that is also where the paths not chosen live, the glimmer of wisdom that I think must have existed before they invaded my country, before they blew up my mountain. That decision, yes or no, that could have prevented the death of my city. There must be some corner of the world, in a drawer of the imagination where good stories live. 

Walking through the streets of this city that is not mine, I came across an abandoned drawer. Who knows, it might be this one.

I wanted to hear what it had to tell me. So I made it an instrument. 


Play it yourself. Who knows, maybe the wind will resound in harmony". 


This work, which makes a direct parallel with the research of the series "abandon", also displayed in this exhibition, is an invitation to open and listen to what was lost in the drawers of the intimate and the world.

fine tuning process

Isadora playing the artwork for the performance that happened during the opening event - foto Yoav Goldwein

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